In nature we trust


We all need to learn from nature
to lead us into our future

We want to become an innovative
ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically
viable model to promote sustainable food production.
We see value in forest food products.

We care:

We care for the place where the food comes from.

We trust our sources that are
consistently treated fairly.

Birch water is harvested with responsible foresting practices to
ensure that no harm is done at all to the trees.

Tapped from the hidden pristine and protected
wonderland of Finnish Archipelago – a

UNESCO world nature heritage recognition.

According to UNESCO, water in Finland is the cleanest in the world.
The purest groundwater is of major importance to use in order
to have the best quality product.

We support

conservation efforts and
long-term strategies
for profitable agroforestry
without damaging

North European
and U.S. forests.

We believe

increasing awareness is
a critical component of preserving
the ecosystem.

It is our constant endeavor

to keep
our products

Family values:

Nature for all generations.

Our purpose is to develop a production model that
will lead to the conservation of our picturesque environment while
providing quality food from generation to generation.

A vision we achieve together.

We care:

Global market, global values,
global liability

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Tetra Pak

has a lower carbon footprint
than other options, and requires
the least amount of processing.